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MK Perimeter Protection is your trusted provider of high-quality ballistic, blast, and forced entry perimeter security solutions. Browse our site or contact us to learn more about our commitment to meet relevant standards to deliver you quick-deployed solutions that meet your various needs.



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With decades of experience in the industry, MK Perimeter Protection has established itself as a leader in perimeter security solutions. Our team of experts has worked on projects across various sectors, including utility, government, commercial, and more. Visit our about page to learn more about why we’re a trusted name in the industry.

Superior Testing

Beyond Standards

At MK Perimeter Protection, we are committed to meeting the highest standards in the industry. Our team conducts extensive testing to ensure that our products meet UL level 8, 9, and 10 standards, in addition to other relevant ratings and certifications. We are proud to deliver flexible, innovative solutions that provide top-of-the-line protection for your assets. Interested customers can see firsthand how effective our products are by attending one of our demos.
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